Domain Parking is a very basic level of domain service that points your domains name to a "coming soon" web page that informs visitors that you have not yet set up your web site and forward any and all email sent to your domain name to your current email address. The cost is just 1950 Rs per domain per year ( either Windows or Linux ) and includes one full year of service and domain registry fees. And once you are ready to forward your domain name to a web site and set up email for your domain name you can upgrade to one of our other levels of service quickly and easily.
Parking service is perfect for anyone who wants to register their own domain name right away, but does not yet have a web site created or specific email needs. It is a few very simple services that make your domain name functional at a very basic level. You get a "coming soon" web page as well as the ability to configure catch-all email forwarding.

"Coming Soon" Web Page
When internet users type your domain name into a web browser they will be directed to a "coming soon" web page that informs visitors that you have not yet set up your web site. This is much friendlier than the standard "no dns entry" or "web page unavailable" errors that occur when you do not have a web site set up for your domain name. It is like a place holder page that visitors can reach until you setup your real web site or web page with a hosting provider. Of course, you do not ever have to set up a web site or web page and can use this "coming soon" page for as long as you are using parking service with Power Web Hosting.

Catch-All Email Forwarding
With catch-all email forwarding, any and all email that is sent to any address at your domain name ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ) can be redirected to a destination email address you specify. This can be the same email address you specified in your personal information, or any other address. Also, each domain you have on our system can be configured with a different catch-all destination address.

Edit your WHOIS Information
Your WHOIS record contains information on the owner of the domain name as well as the administrative, technical, and billing contacts and the list of name servers that contain the dns information for your domain name. Power Web Hosting provides you with access to your WHOIS information so that you can change or update any of that information as you need to. Keep in mind that the information in your WHOIS record is publically accessible (this is required by ICANN, the governing body for domain names) and not private. Therefore, you may wish to use information that is not sensitive, such as an unlisted telephone number or email address.

Please note that you will NOT have access to your WHOIS record through Power Web Hosting if you are only using Power Web Hosting Parking service only and have your domain registered with any other domain name registration service provider. 





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